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Ensuring National Security
through effective employment of Air Power.

Observer Jobs

Vacancy for Operations Ground Trade


Educational Requirements

Passes in 06 subjects at the GCE (O/L) Examination at not more than two sittings including an Simple (S) pass in Sinhala / Tamil language.



Basic Entry Requirements
Name Description
Nationality: Must be a Citizen of Sri Lanka
Civil Status: Candidates must be Unmarried
Age (Years): Male: Not less than 18 years and not more than 24 as at Sep 01, 2021
Height: Male: 5'5" and above
Weight: Male: 17 < BMI < 26
Chest: Minimum 32(Male)
Color Vision: CP2
Visual Acuity: Left eye 6/6 and Right eye 6/6 (Without spectcales)

Regular/Volunteer: Regular

Other details

Conditions of Service:-


a.         The candidate is to initially enlist in the Air Force as an Airmen / Airwomen on a regular or volunteer engagement and will undergo a Basic Combat Training Course. On successful completion of training, the duration of which will depend on the Trade, the status allocated on his / her enlistment as an Other Rank.


b.         Airmen / Airwomen will be required to undergo training at a place in Sri Lanka or abroad as decided by the Commander of the Air Force in consultation with the Ministry of Defence.


c.         During the period of training as Airmen/ Airwomen and thereafter, personnel will be subject to Air Force Law.


d.         Every Airmen / Airwomen will be provided all items of uniforms, equipment and medical facilities.


e.         During the period of training, an Airmen / Airwomen will be accommodated in an Air Force Mess and will be provided with food.


f.          In the event of a Airmen / Airwomen voluntarily terminating his / her candidature during training, the parent or guardian will be required to refund to the Republic of Sri Lanka all expenses incurred up to that time by the Republic of Sri Lanka on account of such Airmen / Airwomen.


g.         If at any time during his / her course a Airmen / Airwomen is reported by the authorities as being unsuitable for reasons of misconduct or due to causes within his / her control to qualify for a commission, his / her parent or guardian will be required to refund to the Sri Lanka Air Force all expenses incurred on his / her training and will be required to enter into a bond to this effect with the Commander of the Air Force acting on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka.


h.         Parent or guardian will sign a declaration as given in cage 32 of the application form in respect of sub paragraphs (f) and (g) above, and forward them together with the application. Parent or guardian will be required to enter in to a bond subsequently in this form with the Republic of   Sri Lanka prior to the appointment of these candidates as Airmen / Airwomen.


j.          Candidates who possess the requirement as per para 1 to 5 will be called for the Preliminary Interview and if successful will be called for Medical Examinations and all candidates selected will be medically and physically examined under Sri Lanka Air Force arrangements to check the suitability in par with the Sri Lanka Air Force Medical fitness standards. Candidates who successfully complete these tests will be called for the Final Interview process. The required number of candidates per Trade will be selected according to merit at these interviews and tests.


k.         A single airman is required to live in the Airmen barracks. He / She is provided with furnished accommodation and food. A single Airmen’s ration allowance is paid to the Mess.


l.          A married Airmen/ Airwomen may be provided with a married quarter if available. Recovery of rental will be as applicable to public servants.


m.        All Airmen/ Airwomen are liable to be posted for duty or training in any part of the world at any time.


n.         All Airmen/ Airwomen are governed by the Air Force Act and orders issued from time to time.


Terms of Engagement: -


a.         Regular Airmen and Airwomen.     Selected candidates will be enlisted to the third class of the rank of Aircraftsman / Aircraftwomen / Leading Aircraftsman / Corporal in the Regular Air Force and shall be required to serve for twelve (12) years in which eight (08) years will have to be served continuously whilst serving a further four (04) years in the Regular Air Force (Reserve) when called to do so. Opportunities exist for suitable Airmen / Airwomen to extend for further service on completion of eight years of service on the discretion of the Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force. 


b.         Volunteer Airmen and Airwomen.  Selected candidates will be enlisted to the third class of the rank of Aircraftsman in the Volunteer Air Force and shall be required to serve for five (05) years. Opportunities exist for suitable to extend for further service on completion of five (05) years of service on the discretion of the Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force.


Official Language Requirements.    The selected candidates will be required to comply with any rules already made or may hereafter be made for giving effect to the Language Policy of the Republic of Sri Lanka and in particular for implementing the provisions the Official Language Act No 33 of 1956.


Pay and Allowances.


a.         It is to be noted that all consolidated salaries including allowances indicated below are the initial step of particular rank.



Con Pay

Total Allowances

Total Income


Air Craftsmen




Leading Air craftsmen









b.         Pensions/Gratuities.      Payable in terms of the Air Force Pensions and Gratuities Code 1981 and as amended from time to time. All Airmen/ Airwomen are contributors to the Widows and Orphans Pension (Armed Force) Scheme. Rate of contributions are as per Widows and Orphans Pension (Armed Forces) Scheme Regulations 1970.




Candidates who are in Government Service/ Corporations/ Boards/ Civil Establishments   should forward their Applications through their Heads of Departments / Corporations/ Boards/Civil       Establishments and should bear a certificate to the effect that the candidate will be released if            selected.


Application could be downloaded from the website.


Candidates will be required to produce the originals with certified photo copy of the following documents when summoned for interviews or when called upon to do so:-


(1)        Certificate of Registration of Birth with a photo copy (Certificate issued for the purpose of the education code will not be accepted).


(2)        National Identity Card and a photo copy.


(3)        Original certificates in support of the educational and professional qualifications required for the trade applied and a photo copy.


(4)        Certificates of trade / technical training and / or experience (if any) obtained from a recognized institution and a photo copy.


(5)        Two recent certificates of character (within 06 months obtained). One of these should be from the Principal of the last school attended and the other from a responsible person who has knowledge of the applicant for more than two years or from the present employer (if employed).


(6)        Original certificates in support of sports activities and Extra Curricular activities and a photo copy.


(7)        A Grama Niladhaari certificate issued within six months.


(8)        School leaving certificate.

(9)        A plain folder with file tag.


(10)      Two colour photos of 2x2½ inches certified by the Grma Niladari.


Only the copies of the originals should be sent along with the applications under registered cover and only the scanned copies of the certificates in PDF version should be attached when submitting online application.


Applications of candidates who fail to produce documents when requested to do so will not be considered.


No documents or original copies of documents should be attached to the application form.


The Air Force will not be responsible for loss of any originals of certificates if enclosed with the application form.


Candidates will be called for the Preliminary Interview based on the basic requirements such as, educational qualifications, height, age, chest etc.  Provided in the           respective application form and candidates who provided wrong information will be rejected at the preliminary checks.



Preliminary selections will be made amongst those candidates who fulfil the above conditions. Candidates so selected from the Preliminary Interview will be required to undergo a medical test as may be prescribed by the Commander of the Air Force. Candidates considered suitable for the interview will be required to appear for an interview at their own expense before an Air Force Recruiting Board. Such Candidates will be informed individually of place, Date and time.


On every occasion an applicant is summoned for interviews, he  is to produce the National Identity Card. Candidates who do not have the National Identity Card could produce some other form of the accepted identification. However, no candidates will be enlisted without the National Identity Card.


All Candidates who are selected is required to undergo a medical screening test and a physical fitness test as per Sri Lanka Air Force Medical and Fitness Standard during the selection process.


The required number of candidates per trade will be selected according to high marks merit at these interviews and tests.


Anyone who desires to recommend a candidate should do so by giving his/ her testimonial. Any form of canvassing or attempt to influence the selection of a candidate will result in disqualification of such candidates.


Candidates who are found unsuitable for enlistment will not be notified.




It is not required to send the copies of the certificates along with the online application although the Gazette notice says its mandatory.

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